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The challenge is to be able to meet the rising demand for energy in india
Nikhil Pathak, Vice-President (Information Technology), Schneider Electric India, talks about how technology can be harnessed to solve supply deficit in the Indian power sector and how Schneider is playing its due part in the entire drama.
B&E: According to your company what are the biggest problems in the Indian power sector?

Nikhil Pathak (NP): The biggest problems plaguing the Indian power sector are the increasi....
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Is Spain Finally getting back on Track?
Spain’s efforts to reform its troubled economy have garnered some praise in the recent months. Still, uncertainty continues to cloud the outlook for the Spanish economy. Despite the improvement – and despite claims by officials that the country’s recession is over – the road to recovery will be long and difficult
In recent months, Spain, the largest of the four PIGS (an acronym used by international bond analysts that refers to the faltering economies of Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain; the other three hav....Read More

Developers unsure of the ground beneath their feet
Braving a prolonged downturn marked by declining home sales, real estate players are trying out every trick in the book – from price cuts to offering large discounts and attractive schemes – to woo homebuyers and clear their unsold inventory
The real estate sector in the country continues to grapple with sluggish sales and decelerating profitability. After witnessing hectic growth during the last decade, the demand for housing and office ....Read More

“Q1 results have always shown a slow market”
Vijay Kumar Jindal, CMD, SVP Group, rebuts the general perception that the real estate sector continues to be bogged down by a decline in home sales and maintains that it is set for healthy growth in the months ahead
B&E: Though on the surface it seems that the real estate market has left the worst of the economic downturn behind, many reports suggest that the sector is still reeling! What’s the ....Read More

“We don’t see prices coming down much in the near future”
Brotin Banerjee, MD and CEO, Tata Housing Development Company, believes that an expanding economy and the increasing demand for real estate will never allow the sector’s growth to fall to worrying levels
B&E: Despite a sluggish economy, many market watchers believe that the real estate market will continue to grow. What do you think are the reasons for such optimism?
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