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Hard landing for China’s economy?
After years of hurricane growth, led by insatiable demand in the developed countries for cheap Chinese products, the dragon economy has hit a speed bump the size of its Great Wall. The global slowdown is now beginning to hurt China and its export-led, debt-fuelled investment growth model is coming apart
China’s resilience to the global economic slowdown is beginning to crumble. The economy is showing sure signs of strain and it looks as if the recessionary headwinds will blow down the once impr....Read More

Nations on the brink
While critics of the FSI deride the reliability of its data and assumptions, it is a useful tool for understanding and monitoring the condition of “failed states”
FSI 2013 has ranked India 79th, which puts it in the category between “stable” and “warning”

The concept of Failed States Index, published and promoted by the Amer....
Read More

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