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Who will be America Inc.’s #1 profit maker in 2013?

From a limping Europe to an apparently sluggish US to a speculative China, market uncertainty abounds. The past year has been a time of great test for both the big boys of America Inc. and Wall Street. The worries ....... Read More...

Business and Economy -  01 May 2012
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StratagemThe challenge is to be able to meet the rising demand for energy in india.

Nikhil Pathak, Vice-President (Information Technology), Schneider Electric India, talks about how technology can be harnessed to solve supply deficit in the Indian power sector and how Schneider is playing its ...... ....Read More...
America’s once booming motor city goes bust

The suggestion by the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on June 19 that the US central bank will start tapering off its bond-buying programme and bring it to an end by the middle of 2014....... Read More...
StratagemHard landing for China’s economy?

After years of hurricane growth, led by insatiable demand in the developed countries for cheap Chinese products, the dragon economy has hit a speed bump the size of its Great Wall. The global slowdown is now....... Read More...
TestimonialWorth every buck

Business & Economy is one of those rare business publications which are based on attention-grabbing and intelligent story ideas. The placement of content in the magazine is very good and takes .......Read More...
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  Editorial - 30/08/2013
Arindam Chaudhuri
It is time to Ban Pundits in India

I then recalled the other American who can add me to his list of fans [Not that he will care!] – Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of ‘Black Swan’ and the man who became famous because he was one of the rare ones who actually anticipated the great collapse of 2008. He has written..........Read More...

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