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INSIDE CHINA A Cornell-IIPM Think Tank-B&E joint study

The world views with mixed feelings of awe, admiration, cynicism and even some apprehension, as the Chinese Communist Party undergoes a transition in leadership in August, as is customary in the country once in ten years...... Read More...

Business and Economy -  01 May 2012
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ScrutinyIs China fudging shamelessly?

Pundits call it ‘the’ case in point when it comes to superlative achievement in a holistic sense. Optimists insist that it is the next centre of power for the world. Pessimists call it the beginning of an end. ....Read More...
Politics	Is the government setting it right for the illegal miners?

Over a year after the Supreme Court (SC) imposed a complete ban on all mining operations in Karnataka, on environmental grounds, mining is set to partially resume in the state after the ...... Read More...
StratagemThere’s much to fix between the piers

India’s vast coastline, stretching around 7,500 kms, is home to 13 major ports and around 200 non-major ports. These are spread across the nine maritime states that stretch along the country’s western and eastern corridors....... Read More...
TestimonialInsightful content

The Joint Editor of B&E, Steven Philip Warner, has pulled it off once again: picking leaders in the US profits stakes. Yet, his top twenty list of one-year of stellar performance is dependent on managers and their staff out-guessing the markets.....Read More...
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  Editorial - 30/08/2012
Sutanu Guru
Are we Heading Again for the Shah Bano, Babri Masjid Era?

Ominous, objectionable, offensive, obnoxious and odious were five epithets used by some ‘secular’ friends when I tried to raise the issue. Another one said that my dislike and distaste for UPA-2 which he reluctantly shared has started colouring my perceptions and world view. .. ........Read More...
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