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Cult Entrepreneurs: Leadership traits that make them Übermensch
What makes an entrepreneur worshipped as ‘the Absolute Being’ – an indisputable symbol of excellence in the world of business? B&E presents an exclusive account of leadership traits that makes the world celebrate the exalted status of six supreme entrepreneurs (By A. Sandeep and Arindam Chaudhuri)
These are six legends in the world of entrepreneurship. Muhammad Yunus, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates, N. R. Narayana Murthy, Jimmy Wales & Richard Branson. For an ordinary investor, buyer or banker livin....Read More

Forty years back, none would have imagined that a village boy turned teacher of economics could don the hat of an Nobel Prize winning social entrepreneur and improve lives of millions of underprivileged poor around the world. Not even Muhammad Yunus himself! (By A. Sandeep)
It was fifteen years ago when we met Muhammad Yunus for the first time in New Delhi. During our conversation, the blue kurta pajama-clad gentleman didn’t come across to me as a made-for-profit-making ....Read More

“An entrepreneur should fight till the end”
Muhammad Yunus, Nobel laureate and Founder of the Grameen Foundation, talks about why an entrepreneur should remain focussed on his core audience, start with small ideas, be stubborn, and learn from failures that come his way (By A. Sandeep)
B&E: You are a celebrated social entrepreneur, having been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for your work in the past three decades. What prime qualities do you think an entrepreneur should possess?
Read More

“What’s happened seems a little magical to me”
William Henry Gates III, known for co-creating Microsoft Corporation, talks about his vision, his accomplishments at Microsoft, competition and his plans with the (Bill and Melinda Gates) foundation in the months ahead (By Gilles Fontaine, distributed by NYTS, coordinated by A. Sandeep)
B&E: When you look back on the last 30 or so years, how do you assess your accomplishments as an entrepreneur?
Bill Gates (BG): What’s happened seems a little magical to me. We dreamed of an indu....
Read More

Plan ‘A’ for Narayana Murthy was about middle class values & growth projections before he realised that entrepreneurship is the key to poverty eradication in india. The values stayed, but a lot else changed thereon (By A. Sandeep)
This happened a few years ago when we were talking to Ted Turner at a function where a few new members were being inducted into the United Nations Foundation’s board of directors. Our conversation was....Read More

“Infosys, was an experiment for me in entrepreneurship”
There is nothing wrong in wanting to get richer. But there are many ways to get richer, and entrepreneurs must be able to choose the right one by N. R. Narayana Murthy, co-Founder & executive Chairman, Infosys Ltd. (In conversation with A. Sandeep)
For most people who are looking to take the entrepreneurial plunge, one of the greatest inhibitions is the loss of security that a job provides. Even in my case, it was not how I had planned things in....Read More

The confluence of open editing policies and a deluge of voluntary contributions have helped Jimmy Wales immensely in his vision to make knowledge free to all. His next stop – helping governments? (By A. Sandeep)
When Jimmy Wales, co-founder Wikipedia, first got back to our office communicating that he was eager to talk, we hadn’t yet conveyed to him that we considered him a Cult entrepreneur par excellence. I....Read More

Wozniak is the oft-forgotten chapter in the chronicle that documents the first few experiences that made the late Steve Jobs the greatest CEO and Marketer of the past century. He is the other ‘Steve’ – the entrepreneur whose stint at Apple in its first decade has many a lesson for modern day entrepreneurs to learn from (By A. Sandeep)
Besides being referred to as one of the co-founders of Apple, much is not talked about Steve Wozniak. In the present times, all that most know about him, if at all, is that he stays as of now in Los G....Read More

Sir Richard Branson is widely recognised as an institution in himself on the subject of entrepreneurship. And after incubating nearly 450 ventures in just over four decades, this maverick habitual entrepreneur just refuses to stop (By A. Sandeep)
Entrepreneurial zeal can be fuelled by several innate desires. It could be about value creation, a love for a particular industry, a passion for contributing to society, testing your ‘personally defin....Read More

“An entrepreneur will fail if he doesn’t keep his eyes open”
Sir Richard Branson, Founder and Chairman of the Virgin Group of Companies, on the qualities of a successful entrepreneur and the importance of failure and risk-taking for those of his breed (By A. Sandeep)
B&E: You are a celebrated entrepreneur, having been knighted in the year 2000 for your services to entrepreneurship. What prime qualities do you do think an entrepreneur should possess?
Richard ....
Read More

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