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An economic slowdown is bad enough, and prevailing sentiment on India's prospects due to the oft cited 'policy paralysis' makes it worse. However, considering the long term demand potential, the profit ...... Read More...

Business and Economy -  01 May 2012
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ScrutinyAn OPEC disaster moment!

Last month, for the first time in history, Saudi Arabia failed to control OPEC’s discrete members. The June OPEC meeting couldn’t reach consensus – and such a situation has happened only once before in history. For whatever it’s worth, OPEC’s cartelized ....Read More...
Politics	Adapting to climate change is key to food security

The impact of climate change on people and food systems is already being felt in more ways than one. To help vulnerable people cope with the effects of climate change, government needs to come up with strategies and adaptation measures that can minimise the risk. ...... Read More...
StratagemWhat in heavens went wrong?

It was one of the most highly anticipated IPOs in the history of Wall Street. But despite all the hype and drumbeats, the Facebook stock has lost almost 25% of its value within the first month of trading and become the second worst listing in US history...... Read More...
TestimonialFavourite pick

Business & Economy magazine has been one of my favourite magazines. The manner in which it raises the most relevant issues related to business and economy is unique. I enjoy reading the Scrutiny. .....Read More...
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  Editorial - 30/07/2012
Sutanu Guru
Tongue in Cheek: How the NAC can save the UPA in 2014

The clock is ticking for the Congress and the UPA regime in India. Battered by scams and bruised by humiliating electoral defeats, the party knows that the party may be over. And that come 2014 and the Indian voter might deliver another resounding slap and perhaps even a few kicks for good measure... ........Read More...

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