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Do police need to pile up on arms?
Various studies have established that arming the police has little effect on their safety or on crime levels generally. Instead of arming the police, the focus should be on strengthening the relationship between community and cops
The world over there has been a gradual shift from keeping a police force that is heavily armed to one that is unarmed or partially-armed. Underlying this shift is the motive to make the police more h....Read More

Sequel to India Shining!
Will the UPA government’s Bharat Nirman ad rollout help deliver votes for the Congress or will it end up being a dud like the BJP’s India Shining campaign?
Nine years after the Bhartiya Janata Party unveiled the India Shining campaign in the run up to the 2004 Lok Sabha election, the Congress Party is out to repeat history and tempt fate by coming out wi....Read More

End of fake notes?
The government’s plan to introduce plastic currency to fight against counterfeit notes and keep a check on money laundering is a step in the right direction
The menace of money laundering and fake currency is growing bigger and can wreak widepread havoc and damage to the nation’s economy and its financial system. As per estimates, India tops the list of c....Read More

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