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7th CEO in 7 years: Will Marissa Mayer prove lucky for Yahoo!?
Inorganic actions, cultural alterations, radical transformation and a mobile-Internet focused Yahoo! - signs that Yahoo! CEO Mayer desires change. But it will take more just a Tumblr acquisition or a work-from-office diktat to put an end to lean times at the Internet company
It was the third Monday of June last year. For Marissa Mayer – a 13-year veteran at Google – it was a typical day at office. Except that she got a call that afternoon from Spencer Stuart recruiter Jim....Read More

Marissa Mayer’s ‘Bridge-the-Gap-with-workers’ challenge
Yahoo! CEO Mayer’s decision to alter HR policies has set off a firestorm. Prof. Lakshmi Ramarajan of Harvard Business School writes an HBS Working Knowledge article on how she can mitigate the problem. It’s Mayer’s top HR task for the present
Marissa Mayer’s decision to ask Yahoo! employees to work from offices rather than at home has at least two potentially negative consequences, one for her and one for her employees. But she can mitigat....Read More

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