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Sir Richard Branson Live & Unplugged

A maverick entrepreneur, a hippy billionaire, an adventurer and a philanthropist. Who really is Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson? Just a famous billionaire entrepreneur who loves to sport a shaggy beard in chunky jumpers?....... Read More...

Business and Economy -  01 May 2012
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ScrutinyDoes Russia need a new growth model?
It’s been a little over one year since Vladimir Putin’s formal return to the Russian Presidency on May 7, 2012. What he originally envisioned as a time to cement his legacy ...... ....Read More...
Politics	Do police need to pile up on arms?

The world over there has been a gradual shift from keeping a police force that is heavily armed to one that is unarmed or partially-armed. Underlying this shift is the motive to make the police....... Read More...
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StratagemAs sales bounce back, AC players vie to beat the sweat

Air-conditioners are fast becoming must-haves as consumers become increasingly accustomed to air-conditioned environments at the workplace, homes, malls, cinema halls and in their cars....... Read More...
TestimonialUnique spirit

Business & Economy is one of those insightful magazines that I thoroughly enjoy reading. It carries the unique spirit of journalism. Your choice of topics and the research that goes into them .......Read More...
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  Editorial - 30/06/2013
Sutanu Guru
Is Gavaskar Fixated or Fixed or Mr. Fix It in this Silence of the Scams?

You can describe me as a fully subscribed and paid member of the “chip in the shoulder” generation. Often, in rare moments of introspection, I would be embarrassed to realise that my anger against the “White Man” was more of a fixation than a logically argued position..........Read More...

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