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The entrepreneurship leadership issue 2012-13
IIPM Think Tank and Business & Economy present eight of the world’s leading management thinkers who discuss what entrepreneurship and leadership mean in the contemporary era
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Infosys my experiment with entrepreneurship
There is nothing wrong in wanting to get richer. But there are many ways to get richer, and entrepreneurs must be able to choose the right one By N. R. Narayana Murthy Founder & Chairman Emeritus Infosys Ltd
For most people who are looking to take the entrepreneurial plunge, one of the greatest inhibitions is the loss of security that a job provides. Even in my personal case, it was not how I had planned ....Read More

In pursuit of happy capitalism
Policies should be directed at making the environment for entrepreneurship far more enabling in India than what it is today. However, entrepreneurs must also contribute to the larger social goal in their own interest
Eight out of the world’s top ten richest people on the Forbes’ The World’s Billionaires 2011 List are self-made, that is, people who have not simply inherited their fortunes, but have built them over ....Read More

“True entrepreneurs don’t start rich”
Stephan Gary Wozniak, Co-founder of Apple Inc., in an exclusive interview with B&E talks about the notable traits of successful entrepreneurs, and how he rates the late Steve Jobs as an entrepreneur-leader (By A. Sandeep)
B&E: How do you define “entrepreneurship”, since you were key to creating Apple as a company, and what prime qualities should an entrepreneur possess?
Steve Wozniak (SW): I don’t ha....
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“Growth comes from opportunity”
In an exclusive conversation with B&E’s Amir Moin, Prof. Gregg Fairbrothers talks about his experience as an entrepreneur and why the current economic climate across the global economy makes entrepreneurship indispensable
B&E: At Tuck, you teach entrepreneurship and direct the First-Year Project, part of the required curriculum, where students apply classroom learning to real-world business challenges. Was it the ex....Read More

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