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Mr. CEO, have you found your replacement yet?

The ‘Insider’ versus ‘Outsider’ question has for long been debated over. One school of thought claims that firms that train insiders gain because the Insider is simply not an Outsider and brings....... Read More...

Business and Economy -  01 May 2012
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ScrutinyCan Nokia really pull itself up again?
It was in the year 1995, when Finnish mobile handset maker Nokia had entered the Indian terrain and within no time, it found itself in a pioneering role to shape the growth of the Indian cellular...... ....Read More...
Politics	Can India's power sector keep the lights on?

For a country that relies heavily on fossil fuels for its energy requirements, it is a matter of serious concern that successive governments have failed to reduce India’s dependence....... Read More...
  BandE Sector
StratagemIn developing regulations, less is more

Over 50 years of financial regulations have not helped the world come up with foolproof solutions to the many crises that keep roiling financial markets from time to time. From the Great....... Read More...
TestimonialRelevant content

Though there are a number of business magazines in the market, it is great to come across a magazine like yours which serves the right news and views at the right time. My reason......Read More...
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  Editors Desk - 30/05/2013
Sutanu Guru
Our neighbours are waging wars through TV and radio; and we are acting like sitting ducks!...

Strange as it may seem, despite India’s image of an amiable and polite nation, the country is surrounded by a league of adversaries with their noose always sharp to bait the hinterland.........Read More...

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