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‘Heins’ian economics at work...
Ever since moving into the corner office of the Waterloo based smartphone maker, Thorsten Heins has been struggling to undo the damage RIM suffered over the past few years. However, his two pronged strategy of consolidating the enterprise segment and leveraging emerging economies will take time to deliver results
It often happens that the ascent of most CEOs to the top is marked by public scrutiny, appreciation and sometimes outburst. However, Thorsten Heins, President & CEO, Research In Motion (RIM) has had a....Read More

What it takes to wipe off your smug smile
Uncontrolled operational expenses and lack of a sustainable business model have left Indian insurers gasping for air. With huge accumulated losses, they are already in a big mess. Although everyone agrees that the industry has a great growth potential, the question remains: How many of the existing players will even survive?
Imagine having your insurance firm declare bankruptcy just when you were about to file your insurance claim. In other words, have you ever thought of how it would feel to have lived smug under the ill....Read More

In knots over family & legal wrangles
The Hiranandani family has been in the news recently more for the wrong reasons than right. A running family feud and other legal travails could well put the skids on the family’s many business ventures, if not settled imminently and amicably.
Family feuds breaking out in well-known business houses are not uncommon. But the ongoing legal run-ins of the Hiranandanis and Mafatlals certainly take the cake, the plate and the trimmings. Often, a....Read More

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