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Innovation Ecosystems
Ron Adner, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, Author of the new book The Wide Lens: A New Strategy for Innovation, writes on the role of innovation ecosystems
There is a blind spot that undermines great managers in great organisations even when they identify real customer needs, deliver great products, and beat their competition to market.

Philips E....
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Decoding India’s innovation DNA
Companies hail the importance of the Indian market, and there is a pleasing buzz around the concept of reverse innovation from the country. But unless the ecosystem as a whole becomes more enabling for innovation, the country will continue to seriously undermine its potential
The most unique aspect of the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) project is its scale. It’s all about innovatively applying existing technologies to a grand social goal whose value for i....Read More

R&D and Technology – do they pay off?
Companies all over the world spend billions of dollars on R&D. A few breakthrough products do come to market from such initiatives, but from a return on investment perspective, does R&D really pay off? The answer unfortunately is a definite negative
The R&D and technology conundrum!
Critically, how valuable do the world’s greatest organisations consider investments in R&D and technology? How well do these investments improve profits, s....
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