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The unputdownable!

There are a few things about Subrata Roy Sahara that even his harshest critics accept. That the man is a visionary – his mammoth investments in media, housing, hotel, sports and other industries being compelling evidence......... Read More...

Business and Economy -  01 May 2012
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ScrutinyIs Tim Cook losing the plot?

Five months into his tenure at Apple, Tim Cook invited a select group of Apple’s shareholders at the company’s conference center at 4 Infinite Loop building...........Read More...
Politics	Rescue, strings attached! Live with it

Cyprus’s recent financial bail-out (and bail-in) has brought the tiny nation under the global spotlight. But for countries like Russia, Israel and Turkey, Cyprus has always been a policy-priority......... Read More...
  BandE Sector
StratagemThe auto bloodbath

This kind of brutal bloodbath was not witnessed even after the global financial meltdown of 2008 when it appeared as if Apocalypse and Armageddon had jointly invaded the global economy. From about 1.6 million domestic sales in 2007-08........ Read More...
TestimonialSimply marvellous

Simply marvellous I was a little reluctant to really invest my time in reading Business & Economy, a magazine recommended by one of my colleagues, until I picked it up. .......Read More...
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  Editorial - 30/04/2013
Sutanu Guru
The stupid hysteria over Narendra Modi

And so the noise, the trading of barbs, the hyperbole and the hysteria has begun. It is now certain that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi will play a key and decisive role in formulating the BJP strategy for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. It is also certain that both his die hard supporters and his die hard opponents will raise decibel levels to a crescendo of cacophony, allegations. .........Read More...

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