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Kazuo Hirai’s inheritance of loss
At one point of time, Sony was looked up to with as much (or more) shock and awe as we look up to Apple today. It was credited with disruptive innovation and game-changing products. Today, Sony doesn’t even resemble its former shadow remotely. Is there a way to fix the ailing consumer electronics giant?
When Sir Howard Stringer took over as Chairman & CEO of Sony in June 2005, he was an optimistic man. But Stringer’s feelings are not likely to be half as puckish when he steps down from office on Apri....Read More

Can Naresh Goyal turn around Jet Airways like he did a decade back?
The airline industry does attract colourful figures like the media-shy Naresh Goyal. It would seem that the smell of gasoline encourages more emotions than economic decisions. Bleeding bottomlines, a confused operational model, a mixed fleet and an unforgiving environment. How can Goyal rescue a company in such turbulence?
Oman Airways’ Neha Jalan is unable to bury her dreadful experience on the day of October 18, 2008. A cabin crew at Jet Airways then, she received a text message from a friend (Kunal Rastogi) at 4 a....Read More

Has SEBI failed to fulfill its purpose?
The infamous securities scam, which triggered the formation of the market watchdog SEBI, completes 20 years this April. Although extensive reforms have been set in motion by SEBI since then, there remain significant lapses in its implementation and enforcement
It was April 1992 when the first media report appeared indicating that there was a shortfall in the government securities held by the country’s leading lender State Bank of India (SBI). A little over ....Read More

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