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Issue 30/04/2009
Thomas L. Friedman
Costing for nature... that’s the Costa Rica way!
David Rieff
Mind it, there’ll be the devil to pay if you break...
Aleksander Kwasniewski
Eat crow or whatever, but don’t you dice with death

Watch where those scissors are going!

“Our greatest competition is with ourselves.” Or “Our greatest challenge is how to continue to provide value to our customers.” How often is it that you have heard our good ol’ CEOs utter these angelical words, and how many times have you believed them? We hear such statements, albeit rephrased in many different ways, just about all the time; and as far as believing them goes. Read More...

Business and Economy - 30 April 2009
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Scrutiny Panache
ScrutinyElection elects the unelected!?!

Imagine the course of the history if Al Gore were to be President of the US instead of George W. Bush and Zharmakhan Tuyaqbay the opposition leader of Kazakhstan... Read More...
PanacheMission Istanbul

Napoleon Bonaparte rightly said, “If the Earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital” because in which other city would you find such diversity with numerous Ottoman Mosques ...Read More...
PoliticsA new bi-polar world order?

It was a meeting where 20 countries culled from the best of the developed and developing met at London to devise ways to overcome the international economic crisis. Read More...
StratagemLand of the up‘set’ Sun

If they are still part of the game 8 years later, Sun Microsystem''s shareholders deserve a special reward for their patience. Or may be they need to undergo a detailed medical ....Read More...
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  Editorial - 30/04/2009

Sutanu Guru

Why the Third front is Good

After a flurry of plaintive laments from pseudo pundits and crypto analysts, the words have finally been repeated by the Prime Minister. Dr. Manmohan Singh feels that the Third Front is a bad idea, because it will promote ‘regionalism’ at the cost of a national vision. The pseudo pundits have, of course, labelled even the possibility of a Third Front...
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