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Playing the fiddle and crying wolf

There is such a torrent of information, news, PR stuff that passes as news, analysis, opinion and pseudo punditry that it becomes almost impossible to stitch together the seemingly diverse strands to weave a coherent picture......... Read More...

Business and Economy -  01 May 2012
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ScrutinyGM is hoping to find its groove in india what’s the recipe?

General Motors India is redrawing its strategy to adapt to India’s car market where it has continued to underperform despite its long years of experience and a slew of products to show for..........Read More...
Politics	Managing the ‘Open Source’ versus ‘Proprietary’ decision

Be sensitive to the lack of a ‘’right’’ answer. There is no reason to expect different firms to make the same choices in terms of open source and proprietary software......... Read More...
StratagemBihar's Gujarat agenda

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is known to always get his timing right. After all, how many politicians in India can sup with the BJP and also keep its Muslim votes intact?....... Read More...
TestimonialEngaging read

The last issue of B&E on “Alternative Budget” exposed all the loopholes that the government has not been taking care of for long now. After going through the package, I can say the issue rightly explained how the 2013 Budget is crucial for the UPA government........Read More...
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