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Does Russia need a new growth model?
With investment sluggish, consumer spending weak, and export conditions unfavorable, policy options for stimulating Russia’s growth in 2013 appear limited. The old formula for fast growth no longer works as well. Is there an alternative way out for the Russian economy?

It’s been a little over one year since Vladimir Putin’s formal return to the Russian Presidency on May 7, 2012. What he originally envisioned as a time to cement his legacy has turne....Read More

Can the land of rising sun rise again?
The newly-elected government in Japan has come up with a blueprint for growth that might just be enough to put an end to decades of economic stagnation and falling prices and usher a new era of growth. And there are reasons to be hopeful

The Japanese economy has begun 2013 with a great deal of uncertainty. The economy is fragile and perhaps in recession, and a new prime minister, Shinzo Abe, is at the helm. Yet for the first tim....Read More

How smartphone makers TURNED DUMB!
A tale of how a Finnish and a Canadian technology major lost their way after becoming common nouns in the world of smartphones, and turned laggards from leaders

Not many know about the historical “drop-test” (conducted by a group of scientists at Nokia’s R&D labs) that the iPhone had failed when it was launched. It was declared unf....Read More

Is Tim Cook losing the plot?
Questions are being raised about the lack of innovation at Apple. Can CEO Cook do anything to pump some pride into what was until recently a mammoth $658 billion-worth corporation?

In August 2011, Apple became the world’s most valuable public company ever. Something that Cook had done to Apple in 12 months was making the company different, wealthier and more powerful....Read More

GM is hoping to find its groove in India. What’s the recipe?
GM is redrawing its strategy to adapt to India’s car market where it has continued to underperform despite its long years of experience and a slew of products to show for. But it may still falter in winning the trust of consumers in the absence of a good distribution and service network

Two new launches in the past three months from General Motors India have made many auto analysts sit up and take notice. The compact Sail, sold as a sedan and hatchback, is on the market as the ....Read More

7th CEO in 7 years: Will Marissa Mayer prove lucky for Yahoo!?
Inorganic actions, cultural alterations, radical transformation and a mobile-Internet focused Yahoo! - signs that Yahoo! CEO Mayer desires change. But it will take more just a Tumblr acquisition or a work-from-office diktat to put an end to lean times at the Internet company

In June last year, Marissa Mayer agreed to meet Yahoo’s CEO search committee. Three weeks following that meeting, she was appointed CEO of the online giant.

Mayer, who has....
Read More

How will the 'Age of Big Data' affect management?
Will access to Big Data further enable fact-based decision-making or analysis paralysis? Will analytics, as well as the supply of analytics-savvy managers, so badly lag ‘big data’ that it will only lead to confusion and misguided decisions? An exclusive HBS Working Knowledge article

Ideas and trends converge from time to time in a way that suggests the possible shape of the future. Sometimes I think I can comprehend what they may mean. But other times I know I need help. Th....Read More

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