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Issue 29/10/2009
Noam Chomsky
Be it a lieutenant or partner; its no different for Uncle... Read More...
Javier Solana
Getting that Yes (and not a Hopeless No) is not easy...Read More...
Thomas L. Friedman
Well, a Nobel Prize for all US peacekeepers:-) ... Read More...

The Race for Two-Million…

Milestones matter. Targets titillate. five years ago, who would have dreamt that an indian telecom company will have 100 million subscribers. twenty years ago, who would have imagined that an indian company will report annual sales in excess of rs. one trillion. inevitably, one auto company will cross the two million mark.. Read More...

Business and Economy - 29 October 2009
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Scrutiny Panache
ScrutinySingapore, here we come!

Much is being discussed and debated on the issue of who gets to decide on the CEOs’ remuneration in a listed company. ... Read More...
PanacheThe royal move

“I currently drive a Bentley and that is in fact my dream car as well. I love to offroad that car because of its strong engine, 4-wheel drive and plush interiors. ...Read More...
FinanceSame family, same fate?

There’s an old nursery rhyme – the wise man built his house upon a rock, while the foolish man built his house upon sand... Read More...
PolicyThe future of india?

What is more painful than the disasters that destroy everything is the lack of proper management to handle the aftermath...Read More...
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  Editorial - 29/10/2009

Sutanu Guru
Here are the real Nobel Prize winners

You would think that the Nobel Prize has been given to Osama instead of Obama; such has been the ballyhoo and brouhaha generated over the act of edifying the first Black President of a country that historically treated blacks as slaves and chattel to be traded in the American version of Mandis ...
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