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Sensex 1991 and Sensex 2011...The Real Journey of Reforms in India

The more things change, the more they appear to remain the same. And the more you believe propaganda being peddled as statistics, the more your chances of being mesmerized by contemporary mythology. Things are not very different when you actually sit down ..... Read More...

Business and Economy -  18 August 2011
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ScrutinyDoesn’t pay to be ‘Sam-struck’!

The US-India civilian nuclear deal which is more popularly known as the 123 Agreement has been the most deceiving deal India has ever signed in recent history. Admittedly....Read More...
PolicyForward march to revisit past fallacies!

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on August 30 announced the setting up of a group that will specifically deal with regulating the media in order to make it more accountable. ..... Read More...
SectorBig Oil’s ‘split’ting headache

The reason was obvious. On a cold December evening in 2003, ExxonMobil’s (former) CEO, Lee Raymond, made public his decision to extend his occupation of the corner office .... Read More...
TestimonialFor extraordinary minds

It was a pleasure to read the cover story on Thorns to Competition. Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri and Rajita Chaudhuri have, in a very intriguing manner, talked about the extraordinary minds ....Read More...
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  From Editor-in-Chief's Desk - 29/09/2011
Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri

Poverty and death amidst diamonds – the story of Western exploitation of Africa and its links with 9/11

The 10th anniversary of 9/11 was different for the Americans. The decade-long wait is over and even the perpetrator of 9/11 is dead. This 9/11 was also the first anniversary when Americans felt contented by the very .... Read More...

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