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No more “Short Cuts”, please!
After growing at a red hot annualised rate of 5.8% in Q1 2010, Canada’s Economic growth has come down to just 2% in Q2, 2010. Canadian policymakers now need to look beyond the ‘short cuts’, be it interest rates or output, if they want the Economy to sustain its growth momentum.
Of the seven industrialised nations that comprise the G7, Canada clearly stands out when it comes to economic recovery from the recent recession. Reason: It not only expanded at an annual pace of 5.8%....Read More

G’Five is the... G’Five who?!
It took time to come to India. But now that it’s here, the firm is giving nightmares to leading brands in the Indian handset market. What has made G’Five click? Critically, will it become the #2 soon?
Seven years back, you could have betted on a roulette about how the utterly unknown Chinese handset manufacturer G’Five would never see the better part of positive growth, leave alone leave the Chines....Read More

From the frying pan into the...
Well, not yet. And perhaps never, if the Thrissur-based Catholic Syrian Bank understands that just being a Regional player can never allow them to grow, and perhaps even to survive. After warding off a recent takeover attempt, the Bank is still gathering its strategic intent; B&E meets top management including the CEO to understand the future!
“Someday, we’ll look back on this, laugh nervously and change the subject,” goes a jovial compendium in a rom-com classic. That’s the situation that currently faces Catholic Syrian Bank, save the humo....Read More

One last time: a realty review!
B&E’s argues why real estate developers in India can go the full hog with their price hikes, at least for now; and we add a cheesy realty review to go along with it one last time this year...
Cheesy, because it’s been done a hundred times before. Interesting, because for once, we’re advising the realty players to actually increase their offer prices. Today’s scenario is a far cry from that....Read More

Raju hasn’t yet left the building!
In a little over a year post takeover, Mahindra Satyam finally declared its past two fiscals’ results on September 29, 2010. B&E jumps inside the numbers and brings you the analysis!
“Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.” When Will Rogers made this statement historic, he wouldn’t have expected the corporate world to make this the basis of....Read More

Another breach into the dragon’s lair?
Mobile handset production in India has seriously lagged the Telecom Services Revolution. Current trends provide an opportunity to rectify this anomaly. Can India take it up when it matters?
Post liberalisation, the grand telecom story has been a flagship of India’s corporate prowess, and has developed business models that are benchmarks for players across the world. However the flip side....Read More

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