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Do Aliens really exist?
August 5, 2010: UK Government officially accepts the hushing up of a confirmed UFO incident by releasing 5000 plus pages of UFO reports! So do Aliens really exist? The Scrutiny team does a quick recap of available research in this area!
Numerous scientists, defence intelligence agencies and government organizations, after years of research, continue to grapple with the possibility of alien life on other planets – and on earth. While ....Read More

Give them pocket-less trousers!
Corruption remains our Achilles Heel. Indian vigilance departments should now start employing innovative ground-level Anti-Corruption Tactics to reduce the incidence of this malaise
January, 2010: Supreme Court of India upholds that “dismissal is the only form of punishment for those involved in corruption and misappropriation of public money, even if the embezzled amount is meag....Read More

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