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Is everything alright with warren Buffett?

If you can beat the market, you’re either plain lucky or a liar... or Buffett. This suggestedly vicarious saying has been a favourite squeeze of umpteen shows on Broadway, which assuage to presumably being of the, um, intellectual variety that the suited partisan clan partakes of. And one doesn’t need to see the late night west coast rerun of Squawk Box on NY1 to understand why. Read More...

Business and Economy - 27 Nov 2008
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Scrutiny Panache
ScrutinyNext G8: Star Cruise

With passing time, experts now concur that French premier, and (hyper)active G8 member Nicholas Sarkozy has started looking – and behaving – eerily similar to Sylvester Stallone Read More...
PanacheGotta stay longa' in tonga

Located in the South Pacific, the Kingdom of Tonga is one of the most picturesque and pure of the Pacific Island nations. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new visitor ...Read More...
PoliticsDid I do everything wrong?!

When I sat down to write George Bush’s legacy, the literature surrounding him was full of disgusted people who are ready to rip him apart, given a single chance.. Read More...
StratagemThey also sell cars! Honest!

f you had begun to expect anything but good news from the auto sector in these times, Volkswagen's (VW) share price phenomenon late last month must have been ...Read More...
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  Editorial - 27/11/2008

Sutanu Guru

Thank you Barack… Uncle Tom’s soul will finally rest in peace!

November 4, 2008… In all probability, we shall not see another day of more global historical relevance in our lifetimes! While I had hoped that Barack Obama should win the American Presidential polls (you all would know how less of love I have for George Bush and his party representatives), yet, I didn’t really believe six months back that it would be him standing as the President-elect of America.

Sutanu Guru

India Inc. badly needs a Ganguly

For cricket fans celebrating India's triumph over Australia, the last ten years have been truly memorable ones. Ten years ago, Indian cricket was almost down for the count. Match fixing allegations were destroying the faith of fans. India travelled to Australia and was humiliated 3-0 in the test series.
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