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Noam Chomsky
The new Berlin What about all those American walls?... Read More...
Nick Witney
The trans-Atlantic divide just got larger...
Michael Meyere
A ‘botch’ that history very well deserved ...

Did this ‘Tortoise’ beat that ‘Hare’?

Both started their careers when India Inc. was reeling under a tidal wave of nationalisation and ‘hard’ socialism of the early 1970s that all but smothered entrepreneurship in the country. Both belong to ‘communities’ that have acquired considerable fame for their entrepreneurial skills; one is from Mangalore while the other is of course a Gujarati.... Read More...

Business and Economy - 24 December 2009
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Scrutiny Panache
Scrutiny Japan the new Iran?

As Yukiya Amano, a Japanese, takes over the Director General’s post in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),... Read More...
PanacheBeautiful bountiful lofoten

Situated 123 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten islands, are a 118-mile-long archipelago of small fishing communities....Read More...
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FinanceThe hilarity of a photo-op show!

It’s extremely tough to understand the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (COP 15, if you please). But if you really wish to understand the COP 15 summit,... Read More...

Dubai sent shockwaves across the world when the news broke out that Dubai World, Dubai’s chief investment vehicle, wanted to defer its repayments on all or part of its $59 billion in debt. ...Read More...
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  Editorial - 24/12/2009

Sutanu Guru
Smaller States can be Bigger problems

I was waiting for a flight the other day at Mumbai airport and watching a news channel. There was a Russian woman with her face covered who was on screen, plaintively saying how she was raped by an influential politician of Goa and how the cops there were doing everything possible to hush up the case. Then I recalled frequent stories of how Goa has now been completely hijacked by criminals, mafia and politicians who think committing a crime and getting away with it is their birthright. ...
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