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BE Corporation
“We support choice & are platform agnostic”

Issue Date - 24/11/2011
B&E: You have recently announced the launched of Samsung Galaxy Note, a hybrid between a smartphone and a tablet. Such products haven’t really caught up in India as of yet. What make you sure of its success?
Ranjit Yadav (RY): We don’t look at Samsung Galaxy Note as a hybrid product; we have created a new category of devices. It has a smart-pen built in, which allows you to create and capture content in ways much more different than then before. This is meant for a person on the go, who can purchase this one device where he can do all his activities together, whether it’s consumption of content, portability and creation and sharing of content. So he doesn’t need to reach for his phone, MP3 player, tablet or notebook; all at the same time. This one core device can do all the disparate things of these separate devices. It has a built in Stylus, which can help in doing so many things: you can paint, write, take notes, create or capture. Within a year, we want to sell one million units of Samsung Galaxy Note.

B&E: Are you working on a converged ecosystem for Samsung products, because as you know Apple which is strong in the mobility space, is planning to launch its own television soon, which is being talked about as a strongly conversed product. Even companies like RIM have a similar strategy. What is Samsung doing in this regard?
RY: Convergence with digitisation and connectivity pipes being available is a reality. It plays very well into our plans, as our products are best suited for a converged world. Many of our devices like Galaxy Note are excellent examples of convergence devices. Similarly, in television, we have smart television. We have, as an example, a function called “All Share”, where you can share all your applications across devices. It starts from our basic central theme that we want to give consumers choice; we don’t want to choose for them. We believe they are smart and know what they want. So we will bring best in class in every aspect we can. So we have supported the Android platform, we also have our own Bada platform and we also have products on the Windows platform. We support choice, and are agnostic to platforms. And that’s our strength; we can work on multiple platforms, and bring out innovative products.

B&E: You have become the largest tablet player in India. However, the real challenge seems to be reaching out to the sub-10K tablet space that is increasingly getting crowded. What are your plans for the same?
RY: The tablet category is new, and it’s still about creation of a category here. So we are working on that front. Our emphasis is on creating the category, educating consumers, and getting the usage going. We first focus on the consumer experience, and with time and when technology costs allow us; because technology has this particular advantage with economies of scale, you can bring down costs.

B&E: As has been the norm, Apple first creates hype and curiosity about its products even before it launches them, while Samsung floods the market with new products first, and then creates awareness. Will it continue this way, or change as you move up the ladder?
MN: Our approach is simple. We look at consumer insights & innovation; one of our USPs is speaking to market. That’s our advantage, and that’s why in a market like India we are ahead of the game.


Ranjit Yadav, Head-Mobile Devices & IT, Samsung India           

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