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Marc Faber
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Paul Krugman
Middle East is passé, so are ‘heroic’ Presidents

The Politics of Development

Despite all odds, Narendra Modi won the state elections in Gujarat. What was projected as a neck-and-neck fight turned out to be a kind of a sweep for the incumbent Chief Minister. According to some experts, Modi won on the development plank. Others, who hate him, contend he fought on the Hindutva issue. Read More...

Business and Economy - 21 February 2007
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ScrutinyTaking stock

The assassination of Benazir Bhutto has been perhaps one of the most tragic incident in recent history. This incident not only has weakened the cause of democracy... Read More...
PolicyThe case of vanishing talent

Hear any CEO from any sector, and the constant refrain is about the huge talent crunch in the country. From BPO to software, financial services to infrastructure ...Read More...
PoliticsLowa says, black is beautiful too!

The caucus-goers in Iowa made their way to the ballot forewarning key pitfalls for Hillary Clinton & Mitt Romney and bouquets for their respective rivals, Barack Obama ...Read More...
StratagemWell-oiled cement

Every time when oil reaches new highs, dark clouds of downturn hover around a number of economies. Ironically, of course, that’s welcome news for OPEC nations.Read More...
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  Editorial - 24/01/2008

Professor Arindam Chaudhuri, Renowned Management Guru & Economist, Dean - IIPM
Irrespective of whether it is Ms. Clinton or Mr. Obama, it is the American democracy that’s the winner!!

As this issue of B&E goes to bed, US Presidential nominees, representing both the Democrats and Republicans, would be heading for Nevada and South Carolina for conducting their Presidential campaigns, which finally culminates in the Presidential elections scheduled in November 2008. Though the campaign ...
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