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Letters to The Editor

Issue Date - 23/06/2011
Revealingly insightful
I had an opportunity to read the cover story of B&E titled, ‘Is Android a double-disaster for Google’. I was really looking forward to reading the print copy of Business & Economy magazine, for which I had to place a request, as the magazine is not available here in Germany. My word! What a great article it is. The manner in which the business side of matters is presented is frank – the facts are as revealing as they are new to me. Also the issue of litigation (something which I practice and preach) discussed in the article is very good. After reading this article, any person who believes that Android will save Google’s money bank will understand why the OS is a huge strain on the company – civil suits also proving to be big disasters for Google. I liked the other articles in the issue too, especially the one describing Italy’s Berlusconi. Even the piece on Internet Hooliganism is very interesting as it is true, though being mostly India-centric as far as the new Act is concerned, I would have wanted to read on whether there is anything new on the IT Act in Europe and US. Maybe you could also include more international content and make this issue available on the stands in Germany. Maybe that is possible. Though I would not be able to comment much on other issues covered in the Indian context in the issue, all in all, I must say, this issue in my hand is very impressive. I compare it to the top business magazines in the world. Very well done.

Florian Mueller, Founder, FOSS Patents & Co-founder of Rival Networks

Being a regular reader of B&E for almost two years, I have seen it evolving in form and factor. To describe the magazine as of today would be an overwhelming job. As a reader I might not be able to do justice to the amount of complexities that might go into churning out such content. The latest issue with its cover story highlighting the state of affairs at Google with respect to Android is one hell of a collectors’ issue. Why I’m saying this is because I’ve been following developments on Android with great interest. Nowhere in any publication could I find an analysis which would give a drastically different strategic outlook than what is being projected. After reading the cover package, I personally believe that Google should work out a model for Android which ends up not just benefitting the entire mobile ecosystem but also shows significant improvements on its balance sheet. I hope you’ve sent a copy to the Google headquarters. They’ll be needing it big time!

Sachin Kashyap Consultant to the board,RBS Group


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