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B&E This Fortnight
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Issue Date - 22/12/2011
Digitisation of the cable industry

After the Cabinetís announcement hiking the FDI limit in distribution platforms from 49% to 74%, broadcasting companies and cable service providers like Hathway Cables and Wire & Wireless (India) are gearing up to grab market share. The stocks of these companies are witnessing a positive momentum of upto 25% since the news broke out. The news has come at a time when the governmentís proposal to hike the limit of FDI in retail is already facing rough weather and is set for further debate. The Information and Broadcasting Ministry is expected to give its nod to FDI clearance in this sector. The government is expected to put 49% out of 74% FDI under the automatic route. The aim of the ordinance is to enable complete digitisation of distribution platforms in the metros by 2012 and ensure pan India coverage by 2014. After complete digitisation of the carriage platforms in metros is achieved by June next year, it will increase the subscription revenues for operators and reduce carriage fee for broadcasters. According to industry buzz, Hathway Cables and Datacom are planning to invest Rs.5-6 billion by 2014. The cable and satellite television industry is expected to be worth Rs.200-250 billion by the same time. This can be a big boost for the whole sector.

Hyundai to launch LCVs in india

Hyundai Motors India is finding India a happy hunting ground for its products. The South Korean auto major has been around in India for over a decade and a half and the going certainly has been good till date. Hyundai is the second largest car manufacturer in India after Maruti Suzuki and commands a 10% market share in a highly competitive Indian passenger vehicle market and a 7% global share in the same category. Now in an attempt to cement its place in India, Hyundai which mainly sells compact cars is planning to introduce high-end premium trucks and buses in the country. The company did take some time in deciding to enter the market with commercial vehicles but is now planning for a major move. The company is looking to not just launch trucks but is also planning for setting up after-sales services for its customers. The number of commercial vehicle units to be produced and the date of launch is still undecided. Hyundai has gradually expanded its presence in the commercial vehicle segment over the last few years, starting with Japan and South Africa. Besides, last year it entered Spain, China, Vietnam and Pakistan as well. Recently, the commercial vehicles segment in India has spurred the interest of many auto makers. Mahindra and Mahindra has a tie-up with Navistar and has launched Mahindra Navistar commercial vehicles, while Mercedes Benz India created a separate commercial vehicles unit and came out with Bharat Benz apart from also selling its Actros range in India.


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