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Now Pay for The Peace
Afghanistan is in an Abysmal State on all counts, and Nato has The Moral Obligation to rescue The Country from total chaos
Issue Date - 21/07/2011
The travel warning for Afghanistan is all over the place across the globe. Besides the fact that peace is a rare commodity in the nation since ages, their egregious situation portrays a vestige of the infrastructure and social standards that most countries enjoy today. The country is ranked 155 in Human Development Index (2010), 176 out of 178 in Corruption Perception Index (2010), and 4th from the bottom in Child and Maternal deaths!

Take the case of agriculture. A blossoming sector, but it was destroyed in the last 10 years because of war, deficient infrastructure and corruption. The only crop that makes profits is opium as the nation produces 90% of the world’s share! Shockingly, almonds grown locally are more expensive than the ones grown in California as they are not subsidized like their American counterparts. Road infrastructure is also on the verge of collapse. The three main roadways, Kishim to Fayzabad Road, Gardez to Khost Road, and Bamyan to Dushi Road are in primitive condition and often flooded by rainstorms. In power, per capita access has reduced from 22% to a mere 7% or 19.25 KW (USAID data). Around 15,000 women die every year due to pregnancy related complications! Literacy rate is 5.6% for women & 27% for men. Potable water can be accessed only by 17% & sanitation by 10%. Some 20% of children are malnourished, and 90% of girls have no access to education.

Clearly, a country that was already teetering on the edge has been brought to the brink of chaos and strife by years of war. Even as the NATO looks negotiating a settlement, it is equally important to take the onus of rebuilding Afghanistan. NATO’s goal has to be to ensure peace and prosperity in ally nations, rather than focus on warring with dictators.


Sayan Ghosh           

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