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Cover Story
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Foreword for Indian powerbrands

Issue Date - 19/01/2012
The world’s largest democracy continues its GDP growth at about 8 per cent. A robust growth trajectory has made 1.2 billion people boast of a stable annual growth rate, rising foreign exchange reserves and booming capital markets. The growth story seems to be on a roll indeed, and Indian PowerBrands depicts the extraordinary journey in its one-of-a-kind initiative exemplifying the most powerful brands in India run by the most influential icons to take on and beat their competitors. The ideology further augments the brands’ identity, stability, sustainability as well its credibility. The abundance of the number of domestic companies and rising multinational corporations with a truck-load of brands for consumers to choose from has enhanced the quality of the business environment in India, it has constantly changed nonetheless keeping up with the times in recent years. The strong fundamentals underlying the Indian brand-value make it an obvious choice for investors all over the world, we are the world’s second largest market after all, so why not? There is ample reason for India’s viability as a destination for foreign investment as we live in the times of numerous overseas powerhouses still entering our economic borders. The brand-o-nomics highlight the above, we are talking about higher disposable incomes, an emerging middle-class, a low cost competitive workforce, investment friendly policies and a progressive reform process, and all contribute towards India being the appropriate choice for investors. Indian PowerBrands is a holistic effort to spell out the strength of India Inc. and define the Indian global superpowers of the future.

Overseas investors are still looking at our nation as an attractive investment destination owing to the prospects of high returns. A number of multinational corporations and overseas companies from all over the world have established businesses in India and have expanded over the years. We have witnessed a number of success stories - both Indian and multinational firms have registered higher profits, increased turnover and higher sales over the years. This has induced them to reinvest profits and inject fresh capital into their processes in order to reap the benefits of the Indian growth phenomenon. Investments have been made by corporations across the board and all the sectors have seen inflow of funds. Global players such as Ford, LG Electronics, Samsung, Sony, Amway, Tupperware, PepsiCo, McDonald’s, Oracle, Vodafone, and Nokia among others have benefited from their operations in India and have made expansion plans for the country. The companies plan to expand by way of product diversification, setting up a manufacturing base in India, increasing the existing production capacity, establishing research centres amongst other methods. A brand is always at the center of a company’s interest, managing a brand is not just a matter of putting theories into practice, but an art with a cutting-edge marketability, the paramount importance to the success of the company. This extensive research driven project delivers an array of brand value, brand perception, and brand resonance.

In India, the balance of trade – exports to imports – is higher than what the nation has recorded in recent years, which is only made possible by the marketability of these powerful brands. This phenomenal fact comes from the Government’s viable norm of encouraging the set-up of manufacturing plants and R&D centres along with a sales-wing, formulating an attractive special economic zone (SEZ) platform. Today India officially exports BMW vehicles and parts, Hewlett Packard notebooks, Nokia handsets, Sony electronics to name a few, which is merely a handful of what the list actually comprises of.

Our nation’s brand-economy has strong fundamentals and is host to several eminent global corporate giants that are leaders in their respective fields. The nation has grown to become a trillion dollar plus economy with a largely self-sufficient agricultural sector, a diversified industrial base, and a stable financial and services sector. India looks to the future with confidence of meeting the domestic and international challenges to fast and inclusive growth. Even during the global recession, our nation remained among the top 3 investment destinations. Few nations have the growth potential that India already enjoys, inevitably becoming a land of opportunities. The track record of these Indian companies on the global arena has further strengthened that confidence. I would like to congratulate Marcom on the initiative that they have taken to showcase these Indian companies that have scripted the Indian success story to the world!

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