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B&E This Fortnight

B&E this Year : International

Issue Date - 19/01/2012
Irreplaceable Steve Jobs

The legendary Co-Founder and Chairman of technology giant Apple Inc. passed away on October 5, in what will probably be remembered as one of the saddest days in corporate history. Jobs resigned as the CEO of Apple on August 24, 2011. The iPhone 4S was launched just a day before he died. Jobs will perhaps be the only business leader whose management style will never be emulated by others. During the early 1980s, the media presented Jobs as a maverick hero. And then the fateful day came in 1985, when Steve Jobs was forced to step down from his own company. Fortune did a cover story “The fall of Steve Jobs”. Any ordinary mortal would have resigned to his fate but Jobs refused and was quick to rebound and shake off the adversity. What caught his fancy was the the potential that he saw in the Graphical User Interface (GUI) developed by Xerox. Whether by inspiration or imitation, Jobs decided to build computers with a rich graphic interface. Despite revolutionising the technology consumption pattern of an entire generation, his role as a technologist is largely underrated due to his obsessive focus on design. Jobs has truly been one of the most inspiring business leaders of our age. 

The fall of terrorist Osama

Bringing the 10 year’s worldwide efforts to hunt down Osama Bin Laden, the infamous leader of al-Qaeda, to an end, the US government in a covert military operation gunned down the most wanted fugitive on the planet. Osama’s hideout was a conspicuous, three-storied structure with high boundary walls in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad, just 61 Kms north of Islamabad. He was hiding at the Abbottabad mansion for the last five years and the Pakistani army was unaware of his whereabouts even though Pakistan’s top military academy is within 800 yards. His body was buried in the sea at an unidentified location.


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