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Hold on to your backyard, folks!
Violence, protests and controversies have always surrounded land acquisition in India. The latest spate of violent clashes at Bhatta-Parsaul in UP over acquisition of farmers’ land has only brought to fore the urgent need for amendments to the existing archaic law.
George Bernard Shaw once wrote: “There is no love sincerer than the love of food”. He was an Irish. Good for him. Had he been an Indian, he would have probably ended the first Act of his play, Man and....Read More

Food security bill – hope and despair!
Though the food security bill has been finally approved by a group of ministers to be presented before the parliament, what might finally take shape as the National Food Security Act is being questioned. Will the entire idea of food security for all fructify?
Do you remember the pre-election days in 2009, when there was a lot of talk around ensuring the ‘food for all’ concept doing the rounds? After delays in the process of finalisation of a Food Security ....Read More

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