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Are Indian banks ready for crisis part II?
At a time when the global economy is heading towards another financial crisis, perhaps even worse than the one that hit the world in 2008, Indian banks are grappling with issues like moderating credit growth, rising slippage ratio and mounting credit cost. Can they weather the rising storm?
Indian banks, the dominant financial intermediaries in the country, have evolved dramatically over the last few years. And it is evident from several parameters, including credit growth, profit margin....Read More

CULT & Indian Power Brands Storm London
“I have read the book and Steve Jobs would’ve loved this book, he truly would’ve. This book is in the same quality of Malcom Gladwell, Geoffrey Moore & Clayton Christensen”. — Guy Kawasaki
....Read More

Is Android a double-disaster for Google?
First, it sucks-in huge dollars and time. Then, it blesses the maker (and partners) with lawsuits and mere crumbs in the name of revenues. The Android project has proven a double-trouble in Google land. Will Google stop playing Santa, and prove a lost-case-won? Or will obstinacy get the better of logic?
"Cash” is a four-letter word which companies love to swear by. “Free” too, is another four-letter word. Only this, consumers love and companies hate. And this admixture of the two four-letter words is....Read More

Dressing up for the marathon ahead
Indian psus have followed an optimistic trajectory post-liberalisation and have seen some vital successes through well-timed and executed strategic realignment. Virat Bahri of B&E brings out the lessons from these successes and also on how these psus can keep the growth story intact going forward and fulfil India’s economic objectives with their private counterparts
If it’s about state-owned enterprises versus private companies, the debate is not new. It only gets reignited from time to time, as it did in the aftermath of the recent global recession. A clear case....Read More

Strategic shifts in a new global economy
The recent global economic crisis not only exposed loopholes in corporate governance practices and lack of scrutiny by regulators, but also paved way for a new economic world order which is not just opportunistic but also risky. The challenge for businesses is now to use strategic shifts as a tool to seamlessly integrate into economies which are on the verge of altering the global GDP composition
The new global economy presents numerous opportunities and poses as many challenges to business firms. Prominent among them are the fallout from the financial crisis, continued rise of emerging econom....Read More

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