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Excerpts from the Classic CEO Guide on Leadership and busines strategy by Arindam Chaudhuri and A.Sandeep

How would one describe a book that the iconic Marshall Goldsmith says “provides a view on vision you won’t find anywhere”; or one, which the most well known management author Guy Kawasaki asserts is “in the same quality of Malcolm Gladwell, Geoffrey Moore and Clayton Christensen”..... Read More...

Business and Economy -   2 February 2012
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ScrutinyIs Obama preparing to withdraw?

“You have just sent a message that Barack Obama will be a one-term president,” Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann hollered to her supporters after winning the Iowa straw poll on August 13, 2011. Although the ultraconservative ....Read More...
Policy Hold on to your backyard, folks!

George Bernard Shaw once wrote: “There is no love sincerer than the love of food”. He was an Irish. Good for him. Had he been an Indian, he would have probably ended the first Act of his play, Man and Superman ..... Read More...
StratagemIrrepressible we are, irrepressible we will be!

What adjective would you use to describe the act of paying 30 times the EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation) and 400 times the operating income for the acquisition of a company.... Read More...
TestimonialA ‘Strategic shift’

I have been reading Business & Economy magazine for quite sometime now and in my opinion, it is a World-class magazine. The cover story on corporate strategy shifts was simply brilliant.....Read More...
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  Editorial - 19/01/2012
Sutanu Guru
The words that resounded in year 2011

Since every pundit, self styled analyst, interloper, philosopher and hack uses the end of the year to inflict torture and trauma on readers with 'annual' lists, why should I be spared the exquisite pleasure of doing so....Read More...
  From Editor-in-Chief's Desk
Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri

Watch out world! It’s Time For Latin America!!

While the world has been focusing on the Western crisis, the Middle Eastern chaos & the Chinese miracle, there is a large part of the world, which has been quietly changing things! Yes, I am talking about Latin America .... Read More...

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