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Jack Welch & Suzy Welch
Strategy? We’ve never heard of him!
Thomas L. Friedman
When ‘Melting Pot’ meets the ‘Great Wall’...
Stephanie Coontz
Revisiting the enduring mystique of feminism

Hi! I was Bill Gates. Let me tell you about my past, present & future.

Well, i don’t know what you all call him; or rather, I think I know too well. You, and I know of him as Bill Gates. That part is simple. He is/was called Trey by his close family members [Trey, as in three, as he was III in the line of the Gates tree]. Many Microsoft insiders also address him as BillG. Read More...

Business and Economy - 2 Oct 2008
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Scrutiny Policy
ScrutinyWhy we do what we do

The arguments were intense. Half of our editorial team was arguing for running a purely national Scrutiny section, as opposed to covering international stories too. Read More...
Policy Think Again: Bush’s Legacy

(Ed note: His detractors may far outnumber the population of the great country he has presided over for a lengthy period of eight years, but the Bush regime in retrospect..Read More...
PoliticsShrewd, crude, definitely Russian

Diplomatic lingo and lexicons used in international diplomacy leave enough space for warring parties to manoeuver and interpret declarations and claim tactical ‘wins’.. Read More...
StratagemI know what you thought last year

Exactly one year back The Economist in an article titled ‘At risk of infection’ had written “Economists are most nervous about who or what might sink into America’s property swamp.Read More...
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  Editorial - 18/09/2008

Sutanu Guru

Hysteria Over Nukes and Nano

Drama, hysteria and hype have become the staple diet in India when it comes to contentious issues. So carried are we by propaganda that mere controversies become life and death issues for the nation. Two such controversies have hogged the headlines persistently for more than a year and reveal the absurd lengths to which analysts...
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