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Letters to The Editor

Issue Date - 18/08/2011
From the start to end – great!
I got a chance to read the latest issue of B&E, issue dated August 04, 2011. I read it while I was being driven from New York to Michigan. Took me about 6 hours to run through the entire content. The content is rich. The cover story was quite interesting. Slowdown in India – many won’t believe it, but it read very credible. Scared if it happens in fast growing nations like the BRICs!!! These markets are the engines of growth for the world. I also liked a lot the story on Ford Motor Company’s China and Asian Expansion Plan [titled, ‘’Investors, meet Alan. Alan, meet the investors. Now get along!’]. I must say this – it is a good representation of the varying views of investments in the Chinese automotive market. China is too big a market to ignore and Ford Motor Company is currently well behind the market leaders. Ford has its work cut out at the moment but I believe Alan Mulally and Ford Motor Company are up to the challenge. And this is precisely what your article also puts forward. To-the-point views. I would have liked to read a longer article though, probably which would have also spoken about the auto market in China, which at present, is quite different from the United States and Western Europe in that most non-Chinese nameplate auto purchases closely resemble luxury car purchases. Maybe some views could also have been about how Ford Motor Company is working diligently on improving quality and reputation of the Blue Ford Oval. This strategy will help Ford increase market share in China. The popularity and success of Buick in China is an example of car buyers wanting high quality products but not necessarily the premium price of luxury nameplates associated with Mercedes-Benz, Lexus and BMW. The writing style was smooth. A page more would have been good for a reader like me. All I would say is that the magazine, from the start to the end, was great. Excellent job!

Prof. Arthur Wheaton Faculty of Industrial Relations, Cornell University

Business & Economy magazine is one of those rare business publications which is based on attention-grabbing and intelligent story ideas. The placement of content in the magazine appeals and caters to readers across categories who are looking for expert unbiased news, views, trends and analysis, thereby enabling them to make more prudent business decisions. The articles are mostly supported by well researched facts and figures. The editorial thought process behind each section is commendable. I am highly impressed and expect the same level of content in the future as well. All the best.

Dimple Bhardwaj Deputy General Manager, Raheja Developers Limited


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