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Iran’s WMD hype; Iraq redux?
Be it through murders, Kidnapping, Virus attacks or sanctions, a careful and well coordinated stealth Programme is on to Jeopardise years of nuclear capability building by Iran. Is the US, along with its allies, drawing itself into another long drawn misdirected war? Is the hype being built about Iran’s supposed nuke ambitions even real?
The importance of nuclear scientists can hardly be undermined by a country harbouring nuclear ambitions. Iran is one of those nations that acquire centre stage. The country has not only built several ....Read More

Opportunity in Misery
The Political Upheaval in key Arabian countries was most welcome as it removed decades of monarchy, but The Subsequent Economic winter is certainly not. It is time for the Arab world to unite and face the crisis
Henry Kissinger, the famous American political scientist was once quoted, “You cannot make war in the Middle East without Egypt and you cannot make peace without Syria.” This was true 50 years before ....Read More

Control, and Release
Spurious and Counterfeit Drugs are flourishing in India. Interestingly, Their Proliferation is aided by both the lack of Government intervention on one end and excess of it on the other
People take medicines to be cured of diseases; but the reverse is more of the norm, as substandard and spurious medicines are now widely available in India. A survey conducted by Central Drugs Standar....Read More

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