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Consolidation in Zombieland! Serious or...?
Inorganic Activity is Inevitable in The Domestic Airline Business, given The Huge Overdues, debt load and losses. The Skies are open for Consolidation and pe activity. Sellouts or mergers – what will happen?
The big takeaway from mergers in the world’s largest airline market (US) is that this practice of buying and selling in this business does not fit into profitable categories in an unhealthy environmen....Read More

2010 was theirs! Is 2011?
FMCG Saw Some Heavy action on the M&A front last year. But, as The Industry matures and valuations rise, It’s The small-ticket Strategic Acquisitions that will drive the sector in 2011
If there was one sector that saw some heavy action on the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) front last year, it was fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). For the uninitiated, the total value of M&A deals ($....Read More

Ready & Waiting for that Exit Call
Telecom M&As are waiting to happen, but Archaic Regulations are Preventing them from happening. The new Telecom Policy 2011 should provide some reprieve and foster healthy, and less severe competition in the sector
The telecom sector in India is still governed by the old and stale National Telecom Policy (NTP), which was announced in 1999, though much water has flowed under the bridge since. India has more than ....Read More

The Difficult game of M&As: A Practitioner’s view
M&As often only create value for The Acquired, but not for the acquirers – exactly The Opposite of what is expected. Why are M&As not so successful? The answer lies in their complexity says Prof. Pablo De Holan, Faculty of Strategy & Organisation, Incae Business School (Costa Rica). Co-Ordinated
M&As are tools used by firms to grow, along with corporate venturing and organic growth. Unfortunately, it is a tool that is fraught with difficulties. Indeed, research shows that M&As often only crea....Read More

A Modern Hype called Mergers & Acquisitions!
Prof. Bill Kaufmann, Faculty of M&A Integration, College of William & Mary's Mason School of Business and at Sum COX School of Business, Writes about why M&As can go bad, and why 75% of them actually Destroy Shareholder value for the acquirers. Co-Ordinated
During the past 40 years, I have been part of the merger and acquisition world in many different ways – both as an acquirer many times over, then being acquired once, plus teaching M&A Integration for....Read More

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