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Double Dip M&A? Amidst possibilities of another global downturn, what will the M&A scenario for the coming quarters be?

As US corporate profits reach 60-year highs and global economies start accelerating, M&As are coming back with a bang. In fact, investors have already started flexing their muscles as new capital starts flowing into their funds. ..... Read More...

Business and Economy -  18 August 2011
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ScrutinyIran’s WMD hype; Iraq redux?

The importance of nuclear scientists can hardly be undermined by a country harbouring nuclear ambitions. Iran is one of those nations that acquire centre stage. The country ....Read More...
PolicyFood security Bill – Hope and Despair!

Do you remember the pre-election days in 2009, when there was a lot of talk around ensuring the 'food for all' concept doing the rounds? After delays in the process of finalisation ..... Read More...
SectorHicks was Right; They are Wrong!

In the end, the ISLM model won. What were they thinking? That auto demand in India will keep rising irrespective of interest rate spikes? Well, John Hicks .... Read More...
TestimonialFrom the start to end – great!

I got a chance to read the latest issue of B&E, issue dated August 04, 2011. I read it while I was being driven from New York to Michigan. Took me about 6 hours to run through the ....Read More...
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  Editorial - 18/08/2011
Sutanu Guru
Is India on The Verge of an Export Miracle?

When bad news comes cascading down like torrential rainfall during monsoon, it is very easy to ignore good news. Something similar is happening in India where scams, scandals, political logjams and widespread ....Read More...
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Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri

The Chinese Answer to The West - "Made in China" to "Made by China"

There is this flippant yet popular joke that goes like this: if you clone yourself four times, one will be Chinese! That says it all about the manner in which the world perceives the ubiquitous Chinese - populated and copycats. .... Read More...

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