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Cover Story
As Shatter-Proof as Ever!
Women have broken a lot of Gender Barriers in Society, But The Glass ceiling is not Exactly in that List Yet
Issue Date - 17/03/2011
B&E: Strange, but HBO is the only English movie channel that sports English sub-titles for Hollywood films. Why so?
SB: Over the past decade, I have observed a spoken accent that has caught up many Indians of the new generation. But when it comes to Hollywood films, most of us are comfortable taking the help of English subtitles. We shouldn’t shy away from the fact that we as Indian speak Indian English and not Hollywood English. Understanding this, we were the first ones in India to introduce subtitles in Hollywood films. And it has been a great initiative for HBO India.

B&E: DTH players are now offering this pay-per-title concept in India. Does that in any way affect viewership of HBO?
SB: World over, our experience says that this phenomenon co-exists with the movie channel space. Recently, I was looking at some figures of pay-per-title movies and I was surprised that the numbers are so insignificant. Each film gets only 3000-4000 paid viewers. So if we talk about 30 million households who watch English films, and then you talk about a figure as lame as 3000, then it really doesn’t matter.

B&E: In Tata Sky, HBO is in the Super Saver pack along with Star Movies and Sony Pix, whereas in Dish TV, it is in the Gold Saver pack along with MGM and WB. How do you decide your placement in different DTH packages?
SB: The packaging is decided by the DTH players. A viewer would invariably end up having HBO in the bucket unless he/she does not watch English movies at all. Presently, the packaging doesn’t matter. But once the DTH space evolves, packaging will become a decisive strategy, & we will act likewise.

B&E: Do companies with women-on-top perform better?
SB: Not necessarily. As a leader, one must have the vision to grow the company and the ability to steer and motivate its people towards excellence in performance. The gender is really incidental. And if we talk about HBO, in any case, it is already a global brand, and a country manager, whether male or female, only has a very small part to play in its success.

By : Amir Moin
Women Can be Better Managers Than Men

Women can play a Pivotal role in The Economic Development of The Country as they are Behaviourally Competent. Shahnaz Hussain contributes her views in B&E.

Times have changed. We find women making a mark in every field and even holding top positions in the business world. Women have also proved that they can be successful leaders and managers. There is no hard and fast rule that a man is a better manager by virtue of being male. Women entrepreneurs and CEOs can be better managers.

I think women are better at dealing with people and have better communication skills. Their social conditioning makes them good managers. Women, in fact, manage home, family, extended family and family budgets. They juggle their various roles and maintain the delicate relationships and bonds within the family. Where soft core incentives are concerned, they are better at motivating and encouraging their juniors. I also think women are more understanding, tactful, consistent and sincere.

Recently, there have been several Indian women in leadership positions in the business world. The fact that companies have expressed their faith in women leaders points out to the fact that companies with women leaders do perform just as well, if not better than those with men at the top. According to an ACP Press Catalyst report, Fortune 500 companies with the highest representation of women on the board managed to pull significantly higher financial performance, on an average, than those with the lowest representation of women directors. The study, looked at critical financial measures, like return on equity, return on sales, and return on invested capital.

In my case, as a woman, I understand beauty trends and demands. Considering the circumstances, almost 4 decades ago, I feel it was easier for me to cater to the needs and demands of beauty business. When it comes to leadership, I immensely feel that leadership and business acumen are without gender. Given the same opportunities, a woman can be equally successful. In fact, a woman has what it takes to be a successful leader. Women not only have the courage, inner strength and foresight that are necessary to be successful as entrepreneurs, but are no less than men when it comes to intelligence, qualifications, talents and creativity. I would say that today’s woman stands side by side with her male counterpart, as far as education, higher qualifications and leadership skills go.

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