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Cover Story
As Shatter-Proof as Ever!
Women have broken a lot of Gender Barriers in Society, But The Glass ceiling is not Exactly in that List Yet
Issue Date - 17/03/2011
B&E: The kitchenware market has been growing at 12% in India and is currently pegged at Rs.12 billion. How challenging is it to lead effectively in a highly competitive market?
AG: In a highly competitive market, people are a big differentiator. Attracting and retaining top talent is crucial.†Also, it is vital to spend time growing a robust middle management team in the organistion. As a leader, while one can get bogged down by operational priorities, one also has to spend a fair amount of time building human capital and getting the organisationís future ready.† †

B&E: You joined Tupperware in 1997. How have you changed your leadership style over the years?
AG: In my earlier years, I led from the front as the business required this style more,†but now I have taken the role of a developer and mentor, coaching and guiding by staying in the background as a support and, most importantly, as a safety net. A good leader truly empowers people and makes an organisation run independent of him/her. I think this is what I am working towards.

B&E: Your one personality trait that has really helped you in this business...
AG: I am an eternal optimist and have a can-do attitude.†I am also an open and direct person. People see that I donít have a hidden agenda and know that I hate politics.†I am therefore able to attract authentic people to work with me, which is really a big plus.

By : Sanchit Verma
Eyeing for a Global Niche
From a raw-Material supplier to Global Brands, OWM has now moved ahead to create its own Brands. And Now with a Global Ambition in mind, Monica Oswal, ED, OWM, thinks Patience is the key to The Companyís success

Donít just go by her subtle elegance and aristocratic looks that is reflected well in her down-to-earth personality exuding a charming demeanor. When it comes to business, Monica Oswalís hawk-eyed insight into consumer behavior and predicting trends can give any successful business man a run for his money. Backed by such expertise, and a brand like Monte Carlo, a major revenue earner for the company, Oswal Woollen Mills (OWM) has now carved a niche for itself in the Indian winter-wear market. But the companyís mettle was proved from the fact that with 360 degree promotional campaigns and great logistics, the company managed to give brand Monte Carlo (better known for winter wear) a successful entry into the summer-wear market. She reminisces, ďMuch before I took charge of Monte Carlo, I knew that to give it a global positioning, we needed professionals. So we tied up with JWT.Ē

Clearly, full-proof planning has been OWMís forte. Itís for the same that out of all the textile manufacturing mills based in Ludhiana, OWM is the only one which runs on a successful business plan, and was never brow-beaten by the slowdown.

But then, with ambitious overseas expansion plans in place for the company, it is now set to face some serious challenges from the global brands in the prÍt-ŗ-porter market, which is growing at 25% per annum. Says Monica, on her five year business plan, ďWe have been exporting raw-materials to the leading brands of Europe & USA, but now we donít want to remain just a supplier; we would be taking brand Monte Carlo global arena.Ē

However, to avoid a repetition of what happened with Gokuldas Exports (wherein their brand Camel didnít do well in the global markets), OWM has deftly limited the initial overseas expansion to Asia and Middle East countries only. Nevertheless, considering the financial robustness of the Rs.25 billion Nahar Group, a conglomerate with presence in all phases of production (spinning, knitting, and fabric processing), the expansion plan looks more stable at present than mere irrelevant ambition. Clearly, given Monicaís business acumen and OWMís robust balance sheet, we may soon see Monte Carlo putting up a good show in the global arena.

By : Angshuman Paul


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