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B&E Indicators
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B&E Indicators

Issue Date - 17/03/2011
Global aerospace & defence perspective
US continues to be the largest spender on aerospace & defence in the world, bigger than the top 15 defence-spending nations put together. Incidentally, US is also the most advanced nation in terms of R&D activity as well as the market structure. However, experts now see the emerging economies such as India and China coming up the curve in aerospace & defence spending in the near future.

R&D remains critical
R&D remains critical to the sustainability of this sector as no other sector is more strongly linked to the government spending of a country than this. Countries such as Russia & US spend big amounts on defence-related R&D every year. In fact, a closer look at the US R&D spend in aerospace, defence & national security over the past few years indicates that almost $11 billion is estimated to be spent in 2011, which is about 46% of the total global R&D spend projected in the same year.


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