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Letters to The Editor

Issue Date - 17/03/2011
Sweet Surprise

I received a copy of the latest issue of Business & Economy magazine. I must admit that the cover story on India’s Alternate Budget was quite a surprise. There is rarely a media house with the wherewithal and intellectual capital to come up with an alternative budget. The concept is actually very interesting and uncanningly fervent. My wishes to the edit team. The need to strengthen, empower and most importantly help Indian farmers is a truth not elusive to global citizens, but a commentary on why and how to do it is sure catchy enough to sting the policy makers in your country.

Prof. John R. Kimberly Executive Director, Wharton/Insead Alliance The Wharton School University of Pennsylvania

R&D Issue Quite Interesting

I have been following a couple of issues of B&E and have really liked the content package that you equip the magazine with. It is indeed very intellectual and the stories have an analytical bend. I especially liked the issue on Research and Development, apparently the first issue in 2011, which was very well researched and covered companies across industries. I am happy that you people thought of such an innovative and thought provoking idea. With an Indian as well as international point of view, you have been able to add value to the concept of R&D. I wish your magazine best of luck and hope you people continue with such amazing work.
R. S. Sharma Former Chairman, ONGC


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