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Letters to The Editor

Issue Date - 17/02/2011

Dear Editor: Till now, I have read many banking and business magazines, especially India Today and Business India. However, when I received a copy Business & Economy, I actually found it to be superior. I enjoyed the in-depth analysis of success stories and failures of organisations or individuals. Business & Economy magazine deals with various issues, spread across political, geopolitical, social, commercial and banking domains. This magazine covers diversified topics with an aim to change perception. Articles such as “IDBI Bank: Old India rope trick mastered,” “We need a real estate regulator,” “Retail banking is dominated by customer satisfaction emphasising service quality”, are the results of scholarly studies that I appreciate and congratulate the magazine for. A request – could I request for an in-depth study on the need for nurturing future leaders in the Indian banking industry, the need for a regulatory authority to check unethical practice by Chartered Accountants, and the urgent requirement of an investigation agency to probe corruption? As JRD Tata once said, “No success in material term is worthwhile unless it serves the needs and interests of the country and its people.” The responsibility has to be shouldered by responsible businesses. Media is also a responsible business. Having said that, Once again I appreciate and congratulate you for bringing out such a dynamic magazine full of valuable information.

Niranjan Dharia Director, Ahmedabad Mercantile Co-operative Bank Ltd.


Business & Economy is a magazine that addresses an audience that doesn’t go much by just jargons. It takes the subject to the common people and talks to them in the language they understand. The other special thing about the magazine is that its columns contain great knowledge, which learned individuals from around the world share with it. It not only gives its readers an understanding of how business is run, but also speaks of what the industry leaders did to reach where they are today. That is a valuable takeaway for most of B&E’s readers. I think your research team does a great job. Your stories are all like case studies. And the way you put the story across, brings forth the amount of detailing the Editorial team gets into. Excellent is truly the word to express your presentation and overall content of the magazine.

Manas Dewan GM, Strategic Planning,Mercedes-Benz India Private Limited


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