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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
The Nation that has Proven Oil reserves of 79 billion barrels Representing 6% of The World total and 45% of non-OPEC Reserves needs to do Away from its over Dependence on The ‘Black Gold’ if it really wants to become a Viable Player on The Global Arena.
The Russian economy has finally returned from the brink of a collapse. After falling 11% on a year-ago basis in Q2 2009, Russia’s real GDP rebounded, growing 2.7% y-o-y in Q3 2010. While this is a ste....Read More

If The Oracles were to be True...
Goldman Sachs Economists have cautioned The World against investing in India in The Short-Term. With high Inflation and Record current account Deficit, has Indian Economy Deteriorated so much?
IIn the summer of 2007, when the subprime crisis was yet to unravel and the world was still living with a happy boom mindset, two effervescent traders from Goldman Sachs, Michael Swenson and Josh Birn....Read More

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