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Saving capitalism...From the stupid capitalists!

I am taken back to the year 2000, when, during the then American President’s historic visit to India, I had started my seminar series called “The Great Indian Dream – India can beat America,” with a front page advertisement in leading dailies welcoming Clinton on the day of his arrival to India. The header of the ad said, “LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN SUPREMACY.” Read More...

Business and Economy - 13 Nov 2008
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ScrutinyDamn you Saddam!

If mankind evolved from ‘Homo habilis’ to ‘Homo sapiens’ and if with each generation the complexity, intelligence and power redefined itself, the same can Read More...
PolicyDefeat Corruption

It was the odd uniformity of the suitcase’s contents that tipped off the baggage inspector: six thick, identical rectangles. They could have been books, but then again...Read More...
PoliticsLivni affronts thorns

In an election that may well decide what kind of news will we be reporting from west Asia in days to come, Tzipi Livni, Israel's outgoing Foreign Minister won. Read More...
StratagemGoldman meets the Good ol' man

Adam Smith's treatise on capitalism talks about the power of the invisible hand. Warren Buffet, Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway surely is one 'visible' hand to vouch ...Read More...
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  Editorial - 16/10/2008

Sutanu Guru

Well, is India really all that bad?

Television debates in these turbulent times have left me completely shocked and bewildered as journalists, intellectuals and activists have fallen over backwards to condemn the Indian state, society and civilisation as fascist and intolerant. The mood of the moment seems to be: India is failing as a modern nation state and a secular democracy.
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