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Issue 16/04/2009
Uffe Ellemann-Jensen
If EU stands for Eager beaver Utopians...
Maureen Dowd
Who says a blue eye is a true eye? Ask Lula!
Dominique Strauss-Kahn
Chuck the Wall, there is no street like Main Street!

Confused , Misleading & Profligate

‘I know, I agree with you. Dalal Street gyrations are perhaps not the best way to measure the gap between promise and performance of any government; leave alone the UPA regime that still swears by the so called aam aadmi. Yet, how Dalal Street has behaved since May 17, 2004 till now is evocative, poignant, metaphorical and pithy when it comes to singing an ode to the UPA. Read More...

Business and Economy - 16 April 2009
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Scrutiny Panache
ScrutinyThe secret of the Unicorn!

Last month, the Obama Administration made it clear in no uncertain words that the companies which are recipients of money under the Troubled Asset Regulation Program... Read More...
PanacheRiga regale...

Riga – the city of inspiration – is the capital of Latvia and one of the most dynamic cities of Northern Europe. Strategically located next to the Baltic Sea and amidst...Read More...
PoliticsThe Afghan quagmire continues

The 'war on terror' may or may not eliminate Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in the tribal areas of Pakistan but it seems it would cost dearly to a state that is already headed towards fragmentation. Read More...
StratagemWhy we loved Rick’s trick... (Sic!!!)

George Bush Jr. (the former US Prez, who else?!) and Rick Wagoner share many things in common. Both are men. Both married. Both Americans. Both Harvard MBAs.Read More...
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  Editorial - 16/04/2009

Sutanu Guru

The Consumer Always Comes Last

April 1, 2009 could well turn out to be a red letter day (due apologies to Prakash Karat) for Indian consumers. Following a directive from the Reserve Bank of India, you and I can withdraw money from any ATM anywhere in India without having Rs.20 to Rs.50 deducted from our accounts. Banks opposed it fiercely...
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