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Doing business 2012
Enabling private sector growth and ensuring that poor people can participate in its benefits are objectives that require a regulatory environment where new entrants with good ideas, regardless of their gender or ethnic origin, can start businesses with ease and where firms can invest and grow, generating more jobs. The countries which can provide this turn out to be the best places to do business
Issue Date - 16/02/2012
Reforms are the order of the day

Over the past year Sub-Saharan Africa has seen a sea change in terms of regulatory environment to make it easier for domestic firms to start up and operate. In a region where relatively little attention was paid to the regulatory environment only eight years ago, regulatory reforms making it easier to do business were implemented in 36 of 46 economies between June 2010 and May 2011. That represents 78% of economies in the region, compared to 56% over the previous six years. Globally in 2010-11, governments in 125 economies implemented 245 institutional and regulatory reforms as measured by Doing Business – 13% more than in the previous year. This shift has been particularly pronounced in low- and lower-middle-income economies, where 43% of all reforms were recorded.

Africa turns the heat on asia

Globally, more efficient regulatory processes often go hand in hand with stronger legal institutions and property rights protections. OECD high-income economies, by a large margin, have the world’s most business-friendly environment on both dimensions. On the other hand, economies in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia are most likely to have both weaker legal institutions and more complex regulatory processes. However, some regions break away from the general trend. One is the Middle East and North Africa, a region where reform efforts over the past six years have focused mainly on simplifying regulation. Today economies in the region often combine relatively weaker legal institutions with relatively more efficient regulatory processes.


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