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A decision that Cemented growth
Decontrol of cement prices was the first step taken by India towards liberalisation. And the result was Euphoric, more so in terms of market competition and capacity creation. Suresh Neotia, Co-promoter and Chairman Emeritus, Ambuja Cements tells Deepak Ranjan Patra how the sector thrived post decontrol.
After founding Ambuja Cements (then called Gujrat Ambuja Cements) with Narotam Sekhsaria in 1983, From good days to bad ones, Suresh Neotia has seen it all as far as the Indian cement industry is c....Read More

India INC.: from crutches to wings
While many Indian businesses slipped into oblivion post-licence Raj, the era also witnessed the rise of a host of new entrepreneurs who revelled in the emerging opportunities.
While 1947 marked the end of the British Raj in India, it also witnessed the creation of a new power in Indian business – the corporate dynasty. With exclusive access to government licences and plenty....Read More

The Rise of Reliance
Parimal Nathwani, Group President (Corp. Affairs), RIL, & a Rajya Sabha member, highlights some high-points in the company’s journey in the past three decades
The story of Dhirubhai Ambani and Reliance for that matter began in a humble way but metamorphosed into an awesome history. ‘Growth is Life’ is the tag line of Reliance since its inception and it cont....Read More

Auto boom: Past, Present & Future
The first Maruti 800 was rolled out on 14th December, 1983. Maruti Suzuki Chairman R. C. Bhargava talks about the impatient inception years, license Raj, 800 phenomena and his vision for the future of Indian auto
A major event that heralded the arrival of the winds of change over the Indian economy in the early 1980s was the establishment of Maruti Suzuki – then a joint venture between the Indian government....Read More

City of dreams – shaken & stirred!
While the last 30 years have seen a gain in the financial and services sectors in Mumbai, there has been a massive decline in industry. And the city still has a lot to lose.
The dilapidated India United Mills No. 1 building (of the now defunct India United Mills) at Parel, Mumbai, is one of few such buildings remaining that tell a very sobering story of a past that is lon....Read More

Votaries of regional aspirations
The politics of coalitions, regional assertiveness and the push for smaller states to address regional imbalances are just some of the reasons that have made regional parties necessities in Indian politics
The year was 1983, when N. T. Rama Rao floated the Telugu Desam Party (TDP). Who knew in less than a decade and a half this party would go on to stitch a rag tag coalition of other regional parties to....Read More

How the 1982 Asian games changed Delhi
The Asian games of 1982 was unique, for it altered for good the very structure and sprit of India’s capital city, writes Krishan Datta, Former Sports Editor of the Times Of India
Mega events like the Asian and Olympic Games are occasions when countries endeavour to showcase themselves internationally in more ways than one. With governments funding the prestigious contests and ....Read More

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