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Issue 15/10/2009
Peter Schneider
Germany’s parliamentary election campaign ...
Ban Ki-moon
Every September, the world’s leaders gather ...
Seán Meehan
As we adjust to the mixed economic signals of 2009, ... Read More...

Can CMD R.s. sharma save india’s most profitable company?

As the car virtually hurtled away from the Ahmedabad airport after an uneventful flight, my flight of fancy took over in an almost childish manner. Here I was, all set to see what so many had passionately described as Black Gold.The jolts that I encountered as the driver played footsie with the accelerator was bliss compared to the torture that the corporate communications ... Read More...

Business and Economy - 15 October 2009
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Scrutiny Panache
ScrutinyRoach’s good face!

When it comes to environment and environmental concerns, nothing can beat the global warming issue. ... Read More...
PanacheSteaming Hot Bath

Hop onto a train or drive through the lush London countryside to reach the invigorating city of Bath. Set at a distance of 120 miles from west of London, ...Read More...
FinanceSame family, same fate?

There’s an old nursery rhyme – the wise man built his house upon a rock, while the foolish man built his house upon sand... Read More...
PolicyIn the line of fire, yet again...

If the report submitted by the official committee on Financial Sector Assessment Report (FSAR) is anything to go by then the Indian banks ...Read More...
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  Editorial - 15/10/2009

Sutanu Guru
The indian habit of clinging on stubbornly

After a gap of ages, I somehow psyched myself to watch the recent One Day match between India and Pakistan.Believe me, it was not only a painfully gut wrenching experience, the manner in which the Blues lost told me a lot about what is wrong with both the political and corporate sectors in India; more political than corporate. ...
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